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Dishwasher and Disposal Repair in Manatee and Sarasota Counties, Florida

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Call Affordable Appliance Repair today. Our trained technicians will be glad to assist you, we even offer same day dishwasher repair services.

We Replace

  • Motors
  • Gasket
  • Water level
  • Pump
  • Water Valve
  • Connectors
  • Relays
  • Wiring

Dishwasher & Garbage Disposal FAQ's:

Q: What can I do if water isn't coming out of dishwasher arms?
A: 1/2 bottle of vinegar to remove calcium buildup.
Q: What can I do if I use dish detergent instead of dishwasher detergent to stop the over flow of suds?
A: You need to put a capfull of Downey or any type of laundry softner to cut the suds and re-wash dishes.
Q: Can a soap dish be repaired?
A: Yes, it can and is an inexpensive repair.
Q: Should I use a powder or gen dishwasher detergent?
A: Both do the job but the powder tablet detergents are more efficient and will not damage your unit. The gel tends to produce more soapy bubbles and sometime the dishwasher has difficulty draining all the water.
Q: Is it important to use a rinse agent when washing the dishes?
A: Yes, because water contains a variety of minerals. The minerals in the droplets cause water spots, when dried.The rinse agent prevents the spots from forming by making the surface slippery.
Q: Why is there is a bad odor coming from my dishwasher?
A: Perhaps the dishwasher is not being used daily. To prevent this use rinse cycle daily. Maybe the drain hose is not looped and water in the hose may create an odor.
Q: Can I wash plastic in my dishwasher?
A: Plastic has to say that is dishwasher safe on it in order for you to be allowed to put it in the dishwasher.

Q: The Garbage Disposal is on and makes a buzz but it isn't turning?
A: Something is Probably jamming the Disposal

Garbage Disposal

Q: Can you put rice, pasta, potatoes or stringy vegetables in the garbage disposal?
A: No. It can clogg and or break the unit.
Q: If there is broken glass in a garbage disposal can you use it?
A: All debris has to be removed carefully, then your garbage disposal should be fine.
Q :Does ice sharpen the blades in a garbage disposal?
A: Yes it does.