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Refrigerator Repairs for Sun City, FL

At Affordable Appliance Repair we repair Refrigerators and Freezers offering same day service. All our technicians are trained and certified with all major brands.
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Refrigerator Repair - Appliance Repair in Sun City Center, FL

We Replace the Refrigerator's:

  • Compressors
  • Computers
  • Defrost
  • Gasket
  • Start Relay
  • All controls
  • Fan Motors
  • Thermostat

We Fix the Refrigerator's

  • Seal Systems
  • Gas Leaks
  • and any Refrigerator Problems.

Why Choose Us

Free Service Call with Repair
Up to 5 Year Warrant on All Parts
Licensed and Insured Technicians

Refrigerator and Freezer FAQ's:

Q: If the freezer begins freezing up in the back of the freezer do I have a problem?
A: Yes, on self defrosting units this can cause your refrigerator/freezer to stop cooling all together.
Q: What temperature should I set my refrigerator to?
A: The ideal temperature for most residential refrigerator is between 35 to 38 degrees fahrenheit.
Q: If my refrigerator has water under the bins, what is the problem?
A: Your drain is clogged.
Q: How often should you change your water filter?
A: They sell water filters that last 5 years, but most commonly are 6 month to 1 year. We can assist in the filer replacement because installed incorrectly can lead to a major leakage of water.
Q: Why is frost forming in my refrigerator?
A: The reason is because due to water vapor hitting cold coils, due to that frost forms.
Q: How can I wash my refrigerator?
A: First of all empty everything out and then wash the inside with soapy warm water, dry, and then place an open box of baking powder.
Q: What temperature should I set my Freezer to?
A: 0 degrees F
Q: Why is the ice building inside my freezer?
A: You are probably leaving the freezer door open too long, or opening the door to often. You should defrost your freezer to get rid of the ice build up.


Q: Do I have a problem if my ice cubes are hollow?
A: yes, they shouldn't be hollow.
Q: What is wrong if I can not get water out of the dispenser?
A: Refrigerators with ice and water through the door have dual water valves. Your valve could be bad or your water line could be frozen not allowing water through.
Q: When my ice is all stuck together, what is wrong?
A: You may be getting too much water in the ice maker.